Capital Volleyball League

The Capital Volleyball League is VACT's highest level of competition comprising two divisions, Premier and Division 1, for both men and women. The competition is held on Sunday afternoon at the Lyneham Hockey Centre. The competition is club based and only club teams may enter. Please visit the Clubs section of our website for information on each club.


The CVL season runs from April-September each year for approximately 20 weeks.


Game Times & Duration

All CVL games are best of 5 sets un-timed, the first match will start at 12pm, the second will have a GEST (Guaranteed Earliest Start Time) of 1.30pm, and the third match a GEST of 3.30pm each week.

Duty Requirements

All teams will be required to perform duty regularly during the season.  Duty teams will consist of second referee, score sheet and scoreboard operators and 2 linespeople. Where an official referee is not appointed, teams will also be required to provide a first referee. Teams that do not perform their duty requirements adequately will lose 4 competition points.

Player Registration

All players must be registered with Volleyball ACT before their first game. Any team found to have played an unregistered player will automatically forfeit the match and lose 4 competition points. Registration is $82.50 for Adults and $37.50 for Under 19's.