Beach Volleyball

Volleyball ACT’s Recreational Beach Leagues provide players with the opportunity to participate in a quality, social and fun competition. The competitions run for around 16 weeks, commencing at the start of November with finals being played in mid March. There will be a four week break over the Christmas/New Year period.


Twilight– Twilight competitions are offered Tuesday and Thursday. First matches begin at 6:30pm each night.

All competitions/divisions are held at the Lyneham Beach Facility (behind ACT Netball Centre), Thurbon Road, Lyneham.

Match Duration

Twilight- 50 minute match (plus 10 minute warm up)

Scoring - All matches are best of 3 sets, set’s 1 and 2 to 25 points, set 3 to 15 points. A set is deemed complete at time if a team has 13 points or more (sets 1 and 2) or 8 points or more (set 3) and has a lead of 2 or more.

Team Composition

Twilight competitions are mixed four-a-side. Each team must have a minimum of three players on court at one time - with one male and one female player required on court at all times. Teams are permitted to play with a minimum of three players with no penalty, provided gender rule is adhered to.

For more information on the Beach Leagues please email