Summer Indoor Competition

Volleyball ACT’s Summer Indoor Competition is a modified version of indoor volleyball. The competition varies from regular indoor volleyball and has been designed to maximise participation in a fun, social environment. 

Team Composition

Summer Indoor is a mixed four-a-side competition. Each team must have a minimum of one male and one female player on the court at all times. Teams are permitted to play with a minimum of three players with no penalty, provided gender rule is adhered to. We strongly encourage teams to play with 2 male and 2 female players on the court at any one time.

Match Duration

All matches are 50 minutes long:

8 min warm up / two 20 min halves / 2 min half-time

Teams change ends each half.


Teams score points in the same way as regular volleyball, however there are no sets, and points continue for the two halves. The team with the highest score at full time wins.

For more information on the Summer Indoor Competition please email